Enabling Microfinance - Pure microfinance. Create a positive Impact - Invest in people and finance the future.

Our Roots

The Enabling Microfinance Fund was founded in 2008 as an instrument to catalyse access to capital where it is needed most and to promote financial inclusion to people in developing economies currently overlooked by the financial system. People looking for opportunities, for access to small loans, for skills and the formalisation of their work environment.

Our aim is to support promising, responsible, profitable and sustainable Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Financing Intermediaries that focus on achieving social impact.

Enabling Qapital Ltd.

Enabling Qapital Ltd. (EQ) is an Impact Investment Advisory Company with strong ties, expertise and a proven track record in Impact Investing. Enabling Qapital has built a state of the art approach when it comes to Microfinance and Impact Investments.  The Founding partners have joined forces to combine a unique set of skills in impact investing and look back over acombined 100+ years successful track record. EQ is the exclusive advisor to the Enabling Microfinance Fund (EMF) (as of May 1st 2020).

Enabling Qapital has a global footprint with Teams based in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Africa, Central Asia, East Asia and Latin America. The core of EQ’s business are the Investment Officers who are responsible for the
origination, execution and monitoring of impact investments in emerging markets.

Enabling Qapital Ltd.

Roger Müller

Managing Partner
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Chuck Olson

Managing Partner
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Remo Oswald

Managing Partner
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Xavier Pierluca

Managing Partner
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Kazim Mohamed Ali

Chairman of the Board
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Christoph Dreher

Member of the Board
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Enabling Microfinance AG, Liechtenstein

Christoph Dreher

Managing Director
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Reto Möhr

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