Meet Chuck Olson, Managing Partner


Chuck OlsonManaging Partner responsible for origination of impact investments in microfinance, managing relationships with investees and co-managing the investment team at EQ.

•WhyEnabling Qapital?

For me, having the opportunity to join forces with a really talented and hard-working group of people to helpcreate Enabling Qapital and build the business from the ground up is a dream come true.  Having helped build and rebuild impactinvesting platforms at other companies, both big and small, has given me a lotof insight into what works and what does not work, how to build onrelationships and manage teams.  

•What are your responsibilities atEnabling Qapital?

Co-lead impact investing activity as well as the development of newimpact investment products.  As part ofthe Management Board, also responsible for developing, planning, directing andoverseeing EQ’s operational policies, procedures, corporate initiatives, andstrategic goals.

•Whatwas your first paying job?

My first job out of college was working in a micro finance institutionin the rural areas of the Dominican Republic. It was during this job that I was able to see first-hand the importanceof access to finance and how it improves the lives of people.  

•Whatenergizes you at work?

I really enjoy working with creative, highly skilled and motivatedpeople.  The team that we have assembledat EQ is all of this and so much more.  

•What’syour favorite season?

Winter, without a doubt.  Aftermoving to Switzerland 7 years ago, I learned how to ski. I usually buy myseason ski pass in August and start sorting my gear in October in anticipationof the first day of skiing!

•Whatare some hobbies or activities you do outside of work?

In addition to skiing, I am an avid gym rat. I have been liftingweights for over 35 years.  Over theyears, lifting weights has evolved for me from something I used to do to stayin shape, to something that I do to manage stress and keep me away from badhabits that can have a negative impact on health.