Meet our Regional Manager Africa Kilonzo Mbwele

•Why Enabling Qapital?

I get the opportunity to work with a fantastic set of colleagues, progress in my career, and, most importantly, to do meaningful work that improves people's quality of life across the globe in developing countries.

•Duties of Work?

My work focuses on Developing the investment portfolio in Africa, leading the Regional Investment team in Africa, and supporting fund portfolio management activities.

•What was your first job?

Data entry for a research firm while in campus.

•Coffee or tea person?

They say the world is divided into many groups, ethnicities, and races, but in reality, there are just two distinct groups: tea drinkers and coffee drinkers. I keep on crossing the divide depending on the time of day and amount of work ahead. J

•What kind of music do you like?

I enjoy listening to soft rock,Afro-pop, and on Sundays, country music.