Get to know a further Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Enabling Qapital


Roger R. Müller

•Why Enabling Qapital?

Enabling Qapital is walking the talk with the heart of the company in the Emerging Markets. We want to be close to the Microfinance Institutions and the Micro-Entrepreneurs. EQ isOwner Managed and has a small hierarchy. We are fair to all stakeholders and have a strong emphasis on transparency. In summary a great company to be involved with!


•What is the most exciting part of your job?

On the one side I’m talking to professional investors and on the otherI’m in contact with the Microfinance Institutions and the micro entrepreneur in the Emerging Markets and can see firsthand where the money is invested and its direct impact on the people. Working with a diverse Team in offices all around the world makes our job challenging but also exciting!


•What was the first job you’ve ever had & what did you learn fromit?

I helped cherry picking at a farm where I grew up. I learned to appreciate money earned more than money given.

•Favorite place?

The Alps and the Italian Sea


•What is something you’ve done, but will never do again?

Hiking up the Kilimanjaro