New Partnership with GSB Capital NBFI LLC

We are very happy to announce our partnership withGSB Capital NBFI LLC from Mongolia!

"GSB Capital NBFI LLC has successfully signed an agreement with Enabling Qapital AG's Enabling Microfinancing Fund to raise funds from foreign markets in order to support the financial needs of individuals and small businesses and improve access to credit.  

Since its establishment in 2010, our NBFI has been focusing on increasing access to credit for individuals and small businesses, providing comprehensive and flexible loan services, and reducing informal or hidden loan services, and has become one of the leading NBFIs in the industry.

The BBB rating from MFR, an Italian agency that assesses the creditworthiness of international financial institutions in 2020, was an important factor in boosting our customers' confidence in us, confirming that our operating outlook is stable and investment risk is low.

Enabling Capital Ltd. (EQ) is a company known in the international financial markets for its financial expertise, successful investments, and financing, with the goal of delivering measurable financing and investment to developing countries that have a positive impact on society and the environment. Enabling Capital is a key advisor to the Enabling Microfinance Fund (EMF), through which it raises investments, makes impact financing and investments in countries in need, and creates mutual returns.

Enabling Qapital operates globally through its branches and teams in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Africa, Central Asia, East Asia and Latin America. At the heart of Enabling Qapital's business model is its own team, which combines the local involvement of the region in which it operates with the skills of experienced Investment Managers who specialize in raising, locating, and reviewing advocacy investments and funding, creating its own unique competitiveness.