Silvia Spear joined EQ!!

•Duties of work? 

Advising Enabling Qapital on problem loans and credit risk/risk matters.

•What’s the most exciting part of your job? 

 The most exciting part of my job is the ability to interact with team mates all over the world.  I am passionate about the opportunities of learning new things with each such interaction.  I count the days where I can travel again to these faraway places.

• What was your first paying job? 

 My first paying job was tutoring a bunch of kids from my school and help them with their homework. I was 10 and the pay was 5 Swiss Francs an hour.

• What was your worst job ever? 

 The worst job I ever had was with a finance company. I had worked there for barely a week when my boss was very unhappy about a report I produced. He yelled at me on the top of his lungs and said “I will kick you’re a** so hard that you will fly over the Empire State Building”.  I caught my breath and said: “thank you, Sir, I quit” and walked out.  The most important thing I learned on that day was the fact that no matter what, I will succeed.

• What is your family situation ?

I have been married for 40 years, have two wonderful kids (daughter and son) and three grandchildren (2 boys, 1 girl).  Much to my regret, I do not have a pet (my cat Popeye passed away 5 years ago).