"Microfinance accounts for the majority of PAIFs' investment portfolios"

Symbiotics global impact fund survey published in October 2020, analysed the investment universe of Private Asset Impact Funds (PAIFs).

Thereby the focus lies solely on strategies investing targeting emerging and frontier markets.

The survey covers data on 157 funds of 78 managers which are located in 26 countries.

Of those 157 funds are 86 microfinance funds, representing 72.5% of the asset size.

From an estimated total of USD 33 billion worth private asset impact fund market, the survey covers 22.2 billion of fund assets.

From a location perspective 35% of the combined asset size was managed out of Switzerland, followed by the Netherlands with 18% and Germany with 14%.

The results show a 10% market growth for the sector in 2019 and a forcasted stability despite the pandemic in 2020.

(Symbiotics 2020)

Enabling Qapital is excited to see that microfinance funds represent the majority of PAIFs' investment portfolios and therefore have a big impact.

Download the full report or visit Symbiotics