We are hiring!! - Credit Administration Officer - Pakistan

Credit Administration Officer Job Description

Title:  Credit Administration Officer

Job Category:  Investment Team Member

Role Summary 

The Credit Administration Officer will be part of the Investment Team and will be responsible for managing the deal closing process at Enabling Qapital (EQ).  The Credit Administration Officer will report to the Head Credit Administration Officer in Nairobi directly and will work closely with the Investment Team, Portfolio Management and Risk Management to ensure a timely closure of deals that follows internal Enabling Qapital policies and procedures.  

The Credit Administration Officer’s primary responsibilities will include all actions required to close the loan deals after an appropriate loan approval is received, including, but not limited to cross-currency and interest rate hedges, preparing loan documentation, negotiating provisions of loan contracts with target investees, closing loan deals, and preparing documentation for the disbursement of loan proceeds.  

The Credit Administration Officer will be part of Enabling Qapital’s Investment Team and interact closely with the Portfolio Management, Operations and Legal teams to ensure appropriate legal documentation.

S/he will work primarily from home but may eventually have the option to work from an office in Karachi should Enabling Qapital set one up.  The Credit Administration Officer will support the Asian Regional Team as well as other regional offices in Geneva, Nairobi, Bishkek and Quito.  The position may eventually involve some travel in the region or to other EQ offices as needed, but likely there will be limited travel.

Key Responsibilities

I. Preparation of Loan Documents

  • Communicate with investees on the development of loan contracts and other documents pertaining to the deal closing process using EQ’s legal and closing templates and work with local legal counsels in the countries where the target investees are domiciled to incorporate changes in legal documentation as required by the local laws and/or recommended by the local legal counsels;
  • Negotiate the loan contracts with the target investees and finalize the loan terms and conditions in conjunction with the Head Credit Administration Officer, EQ’s Managing Partners and Legal team as required;
  • Manage KYC/AML inquiry process; escalate any issues to Head Credit Administration Officer, EQ’s Managing Partner and Risk Management;
  • Ensure that all loan documents are prepared and executed in full compliance with all the applicable laws and regulations as recommended by the local legal counsel, fund requirements and EQ’s Legal Team;
  • Ensure that all necessary approvals for deviations of the loan agreement are received, tracked and saved. 

II. Preparation of Foreign Currency Hedge 

  • Verify accuracy of foreign currency risk hedge execution documents and advise/work closely with relevant Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager that hedge transactions are ready for approval and relevant documentation is complete
  • The Credit Administration Officer will ensure that all required documentation is complete, payment instructions are accurate and hedge transactions are executed on time to meet the loan disbursement deadlines;
  • Communicate with the Operations Team and hedging counterparties and supplies all the necessary information and support to them to ensure timely disbursements to target investees;
  • In case of transfer problems, follows up with the Fund Administrator.  If the payment arrives late, a claim is launched with the Custodian Bank.

III. Disbursement and Hedge Execution

  • Work with EQ Investment Officers, EQ Portfolio Managers and external parties to ensure the execution of the hedge
  • The Credit Administration Officer will be responsible for timely execution.

IV. Post-Disbursement Closing Activity

  • Collects all the required electronic loan documentation and stores as prescribed by procedures;
  • Responsible for obtaining, tracking and delivering all the original loan documents from the target investee and obtaining signatures where needed;
  • Manages communication with the target investee post deal closing on all matters pertaining to loan documentation and other compliance matters that the target investee may experience, e.g. request and provide documents from the Funds to the target investee as may be requested by the regulators.  

V. Loan Payment Collection 

  • Monitors that all payments are made on time and confirms with the Operations Team / Fund Administrator that payments have been received;  
  • Follows up with the target investees on any matters pertaining to outstanding liabilities of the target investee with the Funds and EQ.   

VI. Loan Administration

  • Enters and/or updates the relevant information on the loan transaction in the internal reporting systems to keep loan files up to date at all times;
  • Supports the Head of Credit Administration and Managing Partner in maintaining and updating policies, procedures and tools used in EQ’s deal closing process.  This includes but is not limited to templates for term sheets, loan contracts, promissory notes, engagement letters, local legal opinions and other legal and contractual templates used by EQ;
  • Assist in managing loans with amendment, waiver or other consent letters required during the course of the life of the loan 
  • Assist with other Fund management tasks, as required including MFI inquiries, audit confirmations, regulatory requests, etc.

Competences Required

  • Excellent oral and written English 
  • Previous experience or exposure working in a credit institution and performing administration of the credit process, light legal drafting and negotiating loan contracts is required;
  • Previous working experience or exposure to banking, microfinance or economic development sectors;
  • Experience with investment funds (structures, processes, legal aspects);
  • Degree in law and/or business administration, or related fields;
  • Interest in impact investing, double bottom line returns and microfinance in emerging markets, developing economies and in markets in transition.

Detailed Key Performance Indicators (KPI´s)

  • Meeting disbursement deadlines;
  • Completeness and accuracy of loan documentation and loan files;
  • Quality of support and collaboration with the colleagues, investors, target investees and third parties;
  • Quality of communication and professional relationship with the colleagues, clients and third parties (e.g., investors, regulators, legislators, government representatives, and other stakeholders).

Personal Profile

  • Acute attention to detail.
  • Team player with ability to work in a multi-national and multi-cultural environment;
  • Ability to negotiate and conclude loan transactions, including in complex operating environments and difficult negotiations processes;
  • Ability to effectively work in small teams and in highly challenging work environments and conditions, flexibility and capability and willingness to assist other team members with their tasks;
  • Ability to identify and formulate critical issues, pragmatic approach to analysis of data, information and facts and capability to draw appropriate conclusions from the information available;
  • Ability to multitask and meet the deadlines;
  • Self-starter with good work habits and positive energy;
  • Ambition to excel.


  • Deadline application:  October 31, 2021
  • Please send your CV, cover letter and references to: recruitment.apac@enabling.ch 
  • Thanks for your interest but ONLY shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.