Wondering who is behind the Management?


Today we are pleased to introduce Remo Oswald, one of the four Managing Partners and Co-Founder of Enabling Qapital.

5 interesting questions already answered, feel free to challenge him with more... 😉

•Why Enabling Qapital?

Excellent opportunity to buildthe state-of-the-art contemporary microfinance manager while including allstakeholders in the value chain


•Whatis your biggest expertise

Long standing relationship withprofessional investors across all asset classes and mandates during manycycles.

Identifying trends ahead of thecrowd led towards long term commitments from both investors and partners.


•Whatis your favorite way to unwind after a busy day?

Riding home my Gravel Bikethrough the wonderful forest surrounding Zurich


Barriers are made in our heads



Multiple Ironman finisher…Thishas been an important experience since life can be very challenging if you arenot well prepared!